Braces Specialists - Are they for real?

How do I know whether the MDS doctor is a QUALIFIED ORTHODONTIST?

All qualified Orthodontists are M.D.S. – Master of Dental Surgery. (General dentists are B.D.S.) At the same time, not all M.D.S. doctors are Orthodontists. The M.D.S. doctors who have undergone training specifically, in the subject of Orthodontics, are ORTHODONTISTS. The Orthodontist can be a Resident Orthodontist or a Visiting Orthodontist. Resident Orthodontist is one who is available on all days at a particular place, to treat & take care of patients with the help of braces. The Visiting Orthodontist is one who is available on particular days of the month (generally once in a fortnight/month) at a particular place, for the same.

So what?! My neighborhood dentist puts braces & treats patients with braces, as well!

Sure, he/she does! Please remember, Orthodontics (Study of Braces) is a highly specialized branch of dentistry, requiring a thorough training to manage all situations which arise during the course of the treatment. It is like child birth, or brain surgery. The basic graduate training may not be enough to perform those procedures to the best possible outcome which may require long periods of on-the-job training.

Another dentist I know is “certified” to do braces? Why not get treatment done there?!

The “certification” is, more often than not, earned after doing short term weekend programs, spread over a short period of time. Continuing with the earlier analogy, what would make better sense - Get a baby delivered, or, brain surgery done with a “certified” doctor or, with a gynaecologist / neuro-surgeon, who underwent a rigorous training for 3 yrs, all 365 days of the year, to handle all possible complications that can arise during child birth / brain surgery!? Applies equally well with an MDS ORTHODONTIST.