Braces for sensitive teeth

Rushing to the dentist, with pain in the tooth, or, sensitive teeth, is a norm. More often than not a cavity on the teeth is the culprit. The gums giving way, exposing the roots below, is another reason. Getting a cavity filling done, for sensitive teeth, is what one commonly hears. Braces ?? For Sensitive teeth ?? That’s unheard of !!

Time for some enlightenment.

While it is common to have the cause of problem limited to the particular tooth, sometimes it is the faulty POSITION of teeth adjacent to it, which is truly responsible for the cavity, or, recession in the first place. Getting the cavity restored, or the gum recession treated, will take care of the pain, for now; but it will not prevent the problems from recurring.

The BEST SOLUTION in such a situation would be to correct the POSITION of the adjacent teeth, as well, beside restoring the existing cavity and treating the gum condition. To move teeth within the dental arches, dental braces is the way to go.

This case presented with pain in relation to the upper front teeth.  Cavity was seen on one of the teeth. On examination, the lower front teeth were also seen to be crowded. Patient was forewarned of the possibility of additional cavities on the lower teeth, given their position. The dentist advised orthodontic treatment to align the teeth while steps were taken to treat the cavities that were accessible for restoration.


As teeth were moved with the help of braces, the over lapping teeth were exposed and the cavities developing on it were revealed and restored.

At the end of the treatment patient got a set of teeth, which were beautifully aligned, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance, preventing or reducing the incidences of further cavities

This patient approached the dentist for treatment of the gum on one of her lower front teeth. The dentist examined and inferred that the upper teeth hitting the bottom tooth, is the cause behind the gum recession on it. Braces were put and the upper teeth were moved into a favourable relation with the lower teeth. 

Within a few months of treatment, the gum recession resolved spontaneously to a large extent, on its own. An evaluation with the periodontist revealed that the situation is stable and surgical intervention, for further correction, is optional, in her case.

Braces help guide teeth in its most stable, functional & esthetic position, which makes cleaning and maintenance of teeth easier, minimizing incidences of cavities or gum issues of the teeth.

Orthodontic treatment, as a treatment for sensitive teeth, is not a joke. In cases where it is essential, it is THE treatment that ensures, a long lasting healthy set of teeth.