Parts of braces

Braces – is the common name given to an assembly of tiny components, which help move the teeth & jaws. These are either fixed on the teeth, or, put in and around the teeth and jaws. The collective purpose of all these components is purely to move teeth in their best esthetic, functional and the most stable position.

Fixed Braces

Braces which are fixed on the teeth have similar PRIMARY components


  1. Bracket – It is that component which is stuck on the tooth, which makes it possible to get a hold on the tooth. These can be made of metal, ceramic or composite. Each bracket has a slot in it, into which the main arch wire is placed.
  2. The main arch wire – It is a U shaped wire, which is placed within the slots of the brackets. This wire, not only serves as the track, on which the teeth moves, it helps the movement of teeth by applying the required pressure on the teeth. Depending of the stage of the treatment, wires made of different materials are used.
  3. The Holder – It is something that holds the main arch wire within the slot of the bracket, or around it, as per the Orthodontist’s treatment plan. It can be a fine stainless steel wire, a small elastic module, or a clip like attachment (which is a part of the Bracket, it self) .


Removable braces


Removable Braces are primarily made of cross-linked acrylic polymer. All removable braces are plastic in appearance. It may or may not have a Stainless Steel or similar wire, as a component. Certain removable braces may have a screw type attachment built within it, to assist the teeth movement.