What are dental braces?

Dental or Orthodontic braces are devices used to control tooth movement, so they can be moved into their most correct positions, making maintenance of the dental arches easier & thus help improve dental bite and health.

If one needs to move a chair from one position to the other, he/she needs to get a proper grip on it. Likewise, to move teeth, the Orthodontist needs to get a hold of it! Earlier, when technology was not as advanced as it is now, orthodontists used to put metal bands around each & every tooth on which an attachment was put through which a wire was passed. The wires were shaped and contoured as per the need to move the teeth from one position to the other.

With the advent of technology, the metal bands are done away with & the attachment can now be directly stuck on the tooth with the help of special dental adhesives. The wire still remains a major force in making the teeth move into the most correct position.

Even though each and every component of an Orthodontic appliance has a specific name, the layman normally refers to the entire assembly as – BRACES